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Chapter 11 Queues 行列.

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1 Chapter 11 Queues 行列

2 Queues 1 ~するときはいつも Don’t you hate gridlock queues of slow- 渋滞の列
  渋滞の列 moving traffic? Whenever we are in a traffic jam, ~するときはいつも it seems that the other lanes are moving faster.

3 For example, this mother and her family
are going away for the holiday weekend,    出掛ける but her lane seems the slowest. ~であるように思われる

4 ひとたび〜すると(〜したとたん) Let’s look at queues on the road and in our minds.
First, in a supermarket, which queue will be the fastest? Once you choose, you begin to think that ひとたび〜すると(〜したとたん) the others are moving faster. But is that really so?

5 Your limited point of view means
   考え方 that you can’t see “the bigger picture” of 全体像 the crowded shop, but only the queues 混雑した on your left and right.

6 With only three queues, the chance that
yours is the slowest is 1 in 3, but the 3分の1 chance of it being the slowest in the store         最も遅くなるという of 20 checkout lines is 1 in 20!   20のレジの

7 As an experiment in Canada, some people
〜の様に were shown a video that was taken from a car in gridlock. Over 75 percent of them thought that the 〜以上は other lanes were moving faster, even when they weren’t.            〜の時でさえも

8 ~だけれども We tend to think that things are worse ~しがちである than they are.
Although the other lanes move faster ~だけれども sometimes, at other times the mother’s lane 別の時には is the fastest.

9 when things are going well 物事がうまく行く
But we forget this when things are going well     物事がうまく行く and only remember when things are going poorly. 不十分に、下手に

10 In gridlock, we need to stay calm by
         必要だ 平静を保つ focusing on “the big picture.” ~に焦点をあてる Remember, it’s not as bad as it seems. ~のように~である Most of the problem is in our minds!

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