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*Good morning/afternoon/evening, ladies and gentlemen

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1 ICHIKOH  VLS  VS BRANCH QUALITY MEETING  Quality Assurance Certification System
*Good morning/afternoon/evening, ladies and gentlemen. I’d like to state my gratitude for having invited us ICHIKOH Quality Department to this meeting today. Such an assembly where we can share the best practices of each company is a very fruitful one for all the participants and all the sites involved. For us ICHIKOH, this is the 3rd time to participate the branch meeting. Each time we join, we have got acquainted with many quality persons and have leant a lot to bring back to Japan. Today also, I am willing to experience and get something out of this assembly with you all to make active use of it for our company’s prosperity. From now, I would like to make a brief presentation for about 20 minutes. I will be pleased to take your comments and questions after this presentation. Approximately, 10 minutes will be available for it. Hirofumi Seita ICHIKOH 22, September, 2004

2 ICHIKOH end-of-line control system
Method to level-up end-of-line control: Quality Assurance Certification System which evaluates, quantifies and ranks assembly line. How to construct Quality Assurance table-B (evaluation sheet): 1. Design FMEA => 2. Process FMEA => 3. Process flow chart (inc. pokayoke) => Quality Assurance table-A & B *This is the content of my presentation. Firstly, I will show the ICHIKOH Quality performance 2003 by breaking it down into Cost warranty, Customer returns general, and Customer returns for Nissan. Secondly, our 3 main strategies are going to be presented First, how do we become a single ppm company? Second, stabilization of the quality during first 3 months after mass production, And how do we become a warranty problem solver? These 3 items are corresponding to the themes held up at Valeo Group Quality Convention. Continuously, I will show you some improvements actually done according to the aforesaid 3 strategies. The content is: improvement on Transference event, QRQC level-up, combat with dust failure and establishment of Kakotora database. Lastly, I’d like to talk about our Activity plan for 2004 briefly. These are the items which shown and presented today.

3 1. QAC Line Activity

4 2. Organization of QAC line System
QA認定ライン活動委員会 QA certification line activity committee 委員長:品質保証部長 Chairman : Manager of QA Dept. 事務局:品質保証部 Secretary:QA Dept. 所別委員会 Committee of each site 所別委員長:製造所長 Div. Chairman : production Manager 推進責任者:品質課長 Person in charge: Quality manager 事務局連絡会:2回/年 Secretariat meeting : twice/year  各所事務局 Secretariat of each site 所別事務局:品質課長任命者 Secretariat of each div. : Appointed by Quality Manager 伊勢原・大泉・藤岡・中津川 Isehara, Oizumi, Fujioka, Nakatsugawa ミラー・九州市光 Mirror, Kyusyu-Ichikoh Committee 委員 設計部・生産技術部・製造 Design, Production- Engineering, Production 技術部・品質課・製造課 Engineering, Quality, Production 各ライン活動 Each line activity

5 3. Explanation of each list – Design FMEA
Target: Identifying potential factors to cause failures at an early stage in development to take preventive measures in advance in order to reduce development costs as well as integration of designed quality into the production process 目的:開発の速い段階から不具合の発生する要因を検出し事前に対策を立て、開発費用の低減を図ると共に、製造工程で設計の意図する品質が容易に折り込まれる事を目的とする。 Prepared by : Design Department 作成部署: 設計部

6 4. Explanation of each list -Process FMEA
Target: Based on the concept of “Quality to be built in production process”, define critical control characteristics in order to understand best conditions for establishing production process with no delivery of defective parts to customer/markets. 「品質は工程で造り込む」の思想に基づき、重要管理特性を明確にし、不具合が得意先や市場に流出しないように工程を設定するための最適条件を把握することを目的とする。 Prepared by : Production Engineering Dept. 作成部署:生産技術部

7 5. Explanation of each list -Process flow chart
Target: Quality assurance by defining operational conditions for correct operations, quality characteristics, control items, checking methods controls points and the checking person in each process in order to produce good parts. 正しい仕事をする為の作業条件や良品を作るための品質特性、管理項目、確認方法など、各々の工程のどこでどんな管理点を誰が確認するのかを明確にし、品質を保証することを目的とする。 Prepared by: Production Engineering 作成部署:生産技術部

8 6. Explanation of each list - Quality Assurance list-A
Model Part No. IKI Destination Part Name Head Lamp Assy (halogen) Ctmr volume 目的 Assy図を書き不具合現象と品質特性及び重要度を明確にして設計者の意図を伝える。 Inform Designer’s intention by making this assy drawing which clarifies phenomenon of defects, quality characteristic and its importance. 作成部署 設計部 No.8, rubber cover assembly No.10 AJ/SCR fitting Poor rubber cover assembly => water intrusion Rotation torque high => light axis adjust unavailable Rubber cover No.9 holder assembly holder missing => light axis adjust unavailable Adjust screw (A) assembly Bulb & socket assembly (TURN)

9 7. Explanation of each list - Quality Assurance list-B
目的 QA表-Aを元にノウハウ、経験を加味し工程別の管理項目を明確にして、発生及び流出防止策を評価する。 Adding know-how and experiences to QA-list - A, clarify control items for each production process and evaluate the prevention methods for occurrence and outflow of defect. 作成部署                   生産技術部

10 8. QAC evaluation list score Basis of score How to evaluate Evaluation
item goal Ranking criteria

11 9. Checking chart for QAC evaluation
QA certification evaluation chart Result after mass production started (NOT evaluate at provisional certification) 量産後の実績(仮認定時は適用外)

12 provisional authorization
10. Ranking criteria Level up Provisional C rank: Basic condition to start mass production (a line shall be certified 1 month before mass production) Cランク仮:量産移行への最低条件 (量産1ヶ月前取得) provisional authorization true authorization

13 11. Follow-up Inspection of QAC line
Quality MGRs audit line as defined below: Regular inspection => Held 7-9 months after true authorization (2)Irregular inspection Held on following conditions: * 3 or more customer line returns / month * 3 lots or more out-of-standard / month * Line transferred to supplier/other site * Process change * Equipment/moulding die change Audit referring to 8. QA certification evaluation list. Check the missing/unachieved items before. => Judge upgrade or demotion based on the audit.

14 Thank you for your attention.
*以上、非常に足早ではございましたが市光工業の品質実績および品質改善活動内容等を一通りご説明して参りました。言葉が足らないところが多々あったかと存じますが、ご意見・ご質問などございましたらお答えいたしますので、お申し出下さい。本日はご清聴ありがとうございました。 ICHIKOH 22 Sep, 2004 Japan

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