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The Bar バー.

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1 The Bar バー

2 Types of Bars いさかや A traditional Japanese bar/restaurant カラオケバー
A karaoke bar, where you sing along to recorded music among eating and drinking りょうてい An expensive, historical Japanese bar/small restaurant Potentially members only, and you may be refused entry with this statement いちめいさま、おことわり

3 Restaurant Types Continued
いさかや りょてい

4 Initial Bar conversation
いらっしゃいませ A waiter would say this to you, it means welcome to here To place an order, you may say (さけ ビール しょうちゅう ect) ください . This means ____ please さけをいっぱい will order you one sake

5 Kinds of drinks

6 Further ways to order To order an appetizer, say つまみをください
To order two different drinks, you would say ビールとさけをください If ordering more than two drinks, you would say ビールとさけそれとしょうちゅうをください A waiter may ask you if that is everything, which is ごちゅもんはいじょうですか The customers response would be はい or いいえ The customer could also respond with うん or ううん

7 If you need something If a waiter asks if you are finished, he will say たべおえましたか If you are done, you say はい、かしこまりました To request your check, you would say おかんじょうをしてください Alternatively, you could say おかんじょうをおねがいします If you have been waiting for a bit, you may say すみません to get the waiters attention If you have been waiting for awhile, you may say ちょっと, which is more aggressive To say excuse me, whats going on you would say ちょっと、どうなってるんですか

8 When Leaving The waiter will verify that you want your check by saying おあいそうで, meaning “ok your check right” literally translated The waiter must say before you leave ありがとうございました, which means goodbye This is typically followed by またおこしくださいませ, which means would you please come again

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