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About SlidePlayer

SlidePlayer is not only an educational resource, but also a social network where you can share your work with a wide range of users. Upload presentations to our website and increase the popularity of your work on the web. With easy presentation review and social network share system, millions of users will discover your presentation. You will receive a response to your work and find out what others think about it.

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Creating a presentation is just the first step. Making it available for someone else has always been a challenge, especially when you need to present to someone who doesn't have the presentation making software similar to yours. It is even more challenging when you need to send your presentation to multiple recipients, each with their own software bundle, OS etc.

SlidePlayer turns this process into a piece of cake. Now you make your presentation available worlwide in 3 simple steps: social network login, uploading and sharing! SlidePlayer features a unique built-in presentation player with no specific software requirements. Thanks to that, your presentation will be successfully running on Mac, Windows, Android etc. so that you no longer need to go nuts trying to adapt your presentation to various platform and software requirements.

If you are a visitor seeking for a good presentation or just a nice idea, SlidePlayer will serve you well. You can download the presentations you like in .ppt (Microsoft PowerPoint) format after you preview them with the built-in presentation player. Therefore you can avoid downloading the trash you don't need as one should usually do when searching for a presentation online.

Please note that all the presentations published on SlidePlayer are for the informational purpose only and can not be used as commercial tools.

Don't forget to share the presentations you have liked in various social networks. That's how you can present a useful service to your friends and colleagues and help SlidePlayer grow and increase the number of good presentations available.

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