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Note for How to Write an English Paper (2014 Second Semester)

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1 Note for How to Write an English Paper (2014 Second Semester)
Kazunori Uchida

2 Keep in mind 英語を書くには真似しなさい.(Imitate it.) 英語を書くには覚えなさい.(Remember it.)
英語を書くには使いなさい.(Use it.) 例文を取り上げ文法,構文,和訳等の文章解析を経て,重要な構文を利用して英訳の演習を行う. 目標は”中学の英語力から大学の英語力に飛躍しよう”とする.

3 Grammar (文法) S(subject;主語)+V(verb;述語動詞): She sings. She sang well yesterday. S+V+C(complement;補語): This is a mango. He became an engineer. C=noun or adjective S+V+O(object;目的語): I bought the book. H stopped smoking and drinking. O=noun S+V+O(indirect object;間接目的語)+O(direct object;目的語); I gave her a present. S+V+O+C; He made his son an artist. I make my room clean.

4 Continued 不定詞(to-infinitive); go to learn (学ぶために行く:adverb, 副詞的用法),a book to read (読むための本;adjective, 形容詞的用法), to read is ~ (読むことは~:noun, 名詞的用法) 動名詞 (gerund); reading is ~ (読むことは~:名詞的用法) 分詞(participle): 現在分詞(present participle), 過去分詞(past participle) 分詞構文(participial construction)

5 Participial Construction (分詞構文)
Seeing (When I saw) the pictures, I remembered my childhood during the war. (As the book is) Written in easy English, the book will be read by many people. The same thing, happening (if it should happen) in a large city, would amount to disaster. Accepting (Although I accept) what you say, I still think you are in the wrong.

6 Continued The storm hit the granary, causing (and it caused) great damage. Foreign investors are active in the Japanese stock market, owning (and they own) more than 20 percent of the shares of listed companies. Smiling brightly, he extended his hand to me. A jet flew up into the air, making a great noise.

7 Others 句 (phrase): I get up early in the morning.
節 (clause): I know that he is clever. 関係代名詞 (relative pronoun): I read the book which he had recommended. 関係副詞 (relative adverb): I visited the garden where there were many beautiful flowers.

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