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Because & when 接続詞の用法.

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1 because & when 接続詞の用法

2 接続詞 because Q:なぜ~? A:なぜなら~(だから)

3 Why are they running?

4 Because a lion is chasing.

5 when の使い方 疑問詞: いつ~? 接続詞: ~の時

6 What will Masuo do when he went over the bridge?

7 Masuo will remove the bridge when he went over the bridge.

8 Why will Masuo remove the bridge?

9 Because he wants to survive.

10 What is Norisuke riding on?

11 He is riding on a bus.

12 Who are chasing?

13 Young girls are chasing.

14 Why are young girls chasing?

15 Because Norisuke is cool ????

16 Norisuke said goodbye to them ________ he got on the bus.

17 What is Norisuke going to do?

18 He is going to take pictures.

19 Why are young girls chasing Norisuke’s bus?

20 ________ he has their camera.

21 What is he doing?

22 He is waiting for a bus.

23 Why is he angry?

24 Because a man cuts into the line.

25 What is his job?

26 His job is a carpenter.

27 What tool does he have?

28 He has a hammer.

29 What will he do?

30 He will hit the umbrella.

31 The man can’t take a bus ______ the bus comes.

32 接続詞の because と when because の意味は___ when の意味は___

33 because & when 接続詞の用法

34 接続詞:単語や文をつなぐ言葉 ~と… ~か… そして しかし ~の前に ~の後に もし~なら ~ということを ~の時… ~なので…

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